Salon Pure will re-open on Tuesday, May 26th 2020!

Please read through the new requirements and guidelines for all clients, as these are a MUST for everyone & we can make no exceptions. The safety of our guests and staff will remain our priority through this re-opening phase. Continue to check here for updated information on how to proceed with our new guidelines and how to make an appointment. Keep in mind that all pre-booked appointments will currently take priority to any new appointments. If you do not currently have any future appointment, you may request one with your stylist by calling us at 978-244-0002. Our online booking will remain closed until further notice.

Upon Arrival

Important Policy Changes


Service Changes

  • Your stylist will inform you when to come in by call/text or wave. Please wait for the invite.


  • Please DO NOT come in if you have a fever, cough, or any other symptoms. Please reschedule, as you will NOT be charged a cancellation fee if you are sick.

  • Upon entry your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to use hand sanitizer provided or wash your hands.


  • You will be provided a mask (If you didn't bring one of your own) This must be worn at all times. Your stylist will be wearing one too.

  • If you need any product from our retail area, please ask your stylist and they will bring it to you.

Per Massachusetts Governor Baker, we are limited to the amount of staff and clients in our space.

To remain the required 6ft apart, we will have a maximum of 5 stylists a day, working with one client at a time.

For this reason, we PLEASE ask NO ONE accompany you to your appointment. The reception area is closed at this time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please be mindful of your stylists time. Each stylist has a wait list, so we ask that you please only make an appointment that you are sure you can keep.

Please bring minimal items with you into the salon. Leave large bags and jackets in car when possible.

We are currently NOT allowed to perform any 'Non Hair" services including:

  • brow waxing

  • lip waxing

  • beard trimming

We can not service walk-ins at this time. Please call for an appointment.


Time and space is super limited with our new guidelines, so we will be enforcing our cancellation policy for all "No Show" appointments. If you are sick, please call.

Bare with us, as these changes are all new to us as well. We are so excited to get back in and see you all! Please continue to be patient as we navigate through the unknown. We hope with cooperation from each of you, we can stay on track to getting back to a safer & healthier community!

*Reminder that we have moved and are now located at

99 Chelmsford Rd. North Billerica, MA 01862